Benefits of Learning Ninjutsu on Your Own

Do you want to master the art of ninjutsu and have the power, control and confidence to handle any assailant, but do not have access to a real ninja teacher? Well, you can now learn ninjutsu on your own. While the benefits of living close to a real dojo wherein you can learn ninjutsu under an actual, experienced and capable master teacher’s guidance cannot be denied, it has become easier to learn ninjutsu on your own through online ninja training programs and still obtain the guidance you need.

On the other hand, it’s still important to keep in mind that these advantages are no substitute for the supervision, feedback, focus and direction that you can gain from one-on-one sessions with a real master teacher. Thus, there’s a long custom of solo training with just periodic training with an expert teacher in this art. There are a lot of reasons why you may choose to train by yourself. Some may choose this way out of preference, but others may be forced to settle on solo distance with excellent long distance supervision. Whichever you choose, learning ninjutsu on your own offers a lot of benefits and these include:

  • Self-paced training

Solo training lets you learn on your own pace based on your understanding without worrying about how long your master teacher schedules a certain subject to last within group training or what other students might be doing.

  • Flexible training plan

Except the online ninjutsu training classes that need a teleseminar, webinar, periodic trips to visit your teacher or live call, you can decide your own training plan. Solo training lets you choose the time that works best for you.

  • You can concentrate on proficiency and focus instead of rank.

It is very simple to get caught up in the usual belt color game when you’re training in a group setting or regular dojo. Although you have the right intents at the beginning, it is very easy to forget what you are there for and begin to train just for rank instead of what you will able to do against somebody who wants to break or beat you.

  • You can choose the study areas and topics freely.

Except the agenda prepared by your teacher at seminars as well as in online ninjutsu training programs, you are free to determine the study areas and topics and the order in which you’ll train with them when you are doing solo training.

  • Solo training is easier on your budget.

Learning ninjutsu on your own allows you to spend your money on other things. You can attend a semi-annual or yearly live training session or take a vital online training program to get the bulk of information you need. The information you’ll get will keep you active in between ninjutsu training sessions and help you build feedback mechanisms in order for your teacher to review what you’re achieving along the way. Thus, you can save money and master ninjutsu at the same time.