Paleo Diet Ideas For Athletes

Being an athlete is never that easy. There are a lot of important things to consider and there are so many fundamental rules that you have to follow. One of the most important things you have to put a high regard to is the food that you eat and the kind of diet that you have.

One of the best secrets that many sports enthusiasts keep to maintain the healthy and fit body that they have was revealed just recently – the Paleo Diet. This kind of diet is done by eating the foods that the ancestors had eaten before like vegetables, fruits and meat rich in protein.

However, as an athlete, it is normal to take consideration about the food that you eat. There are some rules in the diet that you have to bend for you to ensure optimum growth in your health. This article will give you knowledge about the Paleo diet ideas for athletes that you have to keep for you to perform better.

  • Before Exercise

As an athlete, there is a need for you to eat two hours before you do the exercise. This way, you can regulate the glycemic index carbohydrates. You should eat the foods that are low in fiber and those that have fats and proteins. However, if you lack time and you did not eat two hours before the exercise, you may just take foods with 200 calories ten minutes before you start your training.


  • During Exercise

Fluids or drinks play a vital role to keep you going most especially if you are having a very long and hard race or workout. You can best maintain your energy with the use of sports drink. You must remember that a long exercise and race do not require too much carbohydrate, so enough amount of water is sufficient for you to accomplish the training. The recommended amount of calories is 200 to 400, but this will still depend on your build and with the exercise you are doing.


  • After Exercise

If you are having an arduous training or race, there is a need for you to have a recovery drink after 30 minutes of your workout. This drink must contain carbohydrate and protein with a ratio of 4-5:1. You can do this by mixing the following: 16 ounces of fruit juice and banana, 3 – 5 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of protein powder and 2 soupcon of salt. There is a need for you to keep this 30min window monitored for it is said to be the most critical period after a very long race or training.


  • Extended Recovery

Since you have already quite recovered, you now need to eat foods that have moderate amounts of carbohydrates and protein. You must observe the proper ratio that was mentioned above. Thus, you also need to eat some non optimal foods such as pasta, rice and others which are rich in glucose for they help in your body’s recovery process.

  • Long Term

After your workouts, you still have to maintain a healthy Paleo diet. You can do this by monitoring the foods that you eat. These foods must be optimal like fresh and green vegetables, fruits and meat for you to have a healthier and fitter body that will help you continue the sports that you love to play.

These ideas will help you reach your goal as an athlete and make you stronger, better and healthier.